Woman Claims Trademark on the Statue of Our Lady of America



A woman named Patricia Fuller claims control of the devotion to Our Lady of America by virtue of a copyright and a trademark. She claims that Sister Mildred, the mystic of the devotion, left her the copyright to the Diary of Our Lady’s revelations in her last will and testament. Later, in 2003, Ms. Fuller registered a trademark for statues of Our Lady of America.


She claims that two men from another apostolate violated her copyright and trademark by distributing the Diary and creating the statue of Our Lady of America that was displayed at the United States Bishops’ Conference in 2006. Our Lady of America promised that this display of her statue would be a safeguard for our country. Ms. Fuller claims that this is a violation of her trademark!


Ms. Fuller claims copyright and trademark ownership of revelations from heaven! Because of her

claims, a lawsuit is now pending in a United States District Court that is affecting promotion of the devotion and delaying the solemn display of this statue in our National Shrine.


Neither myself nor our apostolate is a party to this lawsuit. We did not violate her claimed copyright or trademark because we didn’t publish the Diary or create any statue. We promote the devotion through distribution of a newly designed image and medal and my book, Our Lady of America, Our Hope for the States, that explains how to practice the devotion.


Our Lady of America revealed her title and her devotion to Sister Mildred. Patricia Fuller lived with Sister Mildred and always claimed that she was a nun whose name was Sister Mary Joseph Therese. However, her Bishop and the Holy See determined that she was not a nun. Sister Mildred published and distributed her Diary in the public domain for many years. Then in 1989, following someone’s suggestion, she got a copyright for it.


The men defending against Ms. Fuller’s claims asked the Church to get involved to protect the devotion. No United States bishop or diocese intervened in the case to claim the property in dispute for the Church. So the men petitioned the Holy See to instruct some United States dioceses to intervene because the property in dispute belonged to the Church. The Holy See is the central government of the Roman Catholic Church. Unfortunately, the Holy See denied their petition. The Holy See will not instruct any United States bishop to claim the devotional property for the Church!


The court asked the Holy See to present its arguments in the lawsuit. Its lawyers in the United States filed a legal brief with the court in which they argue that no individual, including the two men, can claim that the Church owns the property claimed by Patricia Fuller. They argue that only the Church can claim this property, but that it has not done so, and no one else can claim that the Church owns it.


The Holy See argues that the Church through its bishops, dioceses or the Holy See has not intervened in the case or asserted any claim to any of the property claimed by Patricia Fuller. The Holy See argues that Patricia Fuller’s claims do not require determination of religious doctrine and that therefore the court itself, without the Church’s input, can decide them. Essentially, the Church has washed its hands of this lawsuit and will not get involved or make any claims to the Diary or the statue that Our Lady of America revealed to Sister Mildred.


Because the Church makes no claim to this property, the court will determine that either Patricia Fuller holds a valid copyright by which she might exclusively promote and control the devotion and prevent the display of this statue in our National Shrine, or that her copyright is not valid and that the devotion may be promoted in the public domain, as our apostolate now does, and that this statue may be displayed in our National Shrine.

I don’t know of any devotion in the history of the Church for which any person claimed copyrights or trademarks for revelations from God. There would have been no worldwide promotion of the devotions to the Sacred Heart and to the Divine Mercy if Sisters Margaret Mary and Faustina had claimed copyrights and trademarks for their revelations from God.


If the judgment of the court awards Patricia Fuller her claims, she might claim exclusive ownership and control of the devotion to Our Lady of America, and our apostolate might have to cease promotion of it, leave it in the hands of Patricia Fuller and the new statue will not be displayed in our National Shrine, as Our Lady requested.


Please pray and fast that this does not happen and that devotion to Our Lady of America may be freely promoted by anyone, anywhere in the world and that her statue may be released from the claims of Patricia Fuller for display and veneration in our National Shrine for Our Lady’s promised safeguard for our country. It is imperative that we have this safeguard for our country!


Our Lady of America’s requests are dishonored through claims of copyright and trademark control and through impurity and unholy families which are now being promoted by our government. The stability of our nation depends upon the procession and display of Our Lady of America’s statue in our National Shrine and the purity and the stability of our families.


Please pray our Novena to Our Lady of America for True Change and Hope for America!




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