How to Practice the Devotion Through its

Image, Prayers, Medals, Promises, and Visitations



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THE REMEDY for our times! Newly revised. Read about the origin of the Devotion, the Kingship of Jesus, how we can recognize Jesus as King of All Nations, the promises and prayers of the Devotion. Read about signs, wonders, healings and conversions!

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The Journal contains all of the visions, revelations and messages of Jesus in this Devotion.

“One must read the full account of The Journal to have a comprehensive view and insight concerning the rich spiritual treasures of the Devotion, and the vital apostolate outlined there for our times, NOW TIMES! And get the medal!”  -Michael the Archangel, Rev. Albert J. Hebert

Granted the Nihil Obstat which declares that The Journal is free of doctrinal and moral error.

the Image


Jesus said, "Enthrone this My image
everywhere for I shall be powerfully present there..."




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Introductory Pamphlet

the Image

Jesus said, "This image, My child, must become known. Tremendous will be the miracles of grace that I will work through this image of Mine."



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